Rocky Mesa Auto & Truck Repair

our mission

Please explain your mission

Could you write a little about how your

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specialized in the automotive industry

Tell me about the Truck buisness part or maybe Spencer's Buisness...

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long - term business

Robert Waipa, ASE Certified, etc. etc.
Robert completed hi aSE training in 1969 in Hawaii. He has over plank years experience maintaning and repairing

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Talk a little about how you grew this buisness maybe

pictures of the building as you added on..
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Master Mechanic

Jim Johnson

Jim has been a Master Mechanic since 1960. He has etc. etc.


Bill Bush
Bill received his Master Mechanic certification from dgfh in 1952 ETC, ETC

Myron Begay
Mryon has worked at Rocky Mesa

for 5 yrs. His expertise in etc...


why choose us

Owner Robert Waipa works with and trains all his employees to meet his high standards of honesty and ethical work .... All ASE certified repairs carry a ____ warranty on parts and labor. If your vehicle needs repair or scheduled maintance ROck Mesa Auto & Repair is the best place to come for quality service, integrity, and prices. A trip to Rocky Mesa Auto and Truck Repair Shop will get your vehicle back on the road quickly and afforidably.. Aliquam dapibus tincidunt metus. sfurah;giuodgip'glkm n, mlli9u ,n nv uj pk;/. n.v, / . b

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